REVO™ Recycled Polyester FDY Filament Yarn

Baichuan REVO™ Recycled Polyester FDY Filament Yarn Use 100% recycled waste PET bottles through sorting, cleaning, crushing, melting, the high-performance FDY filament polyester yarns can achieve the same quality as original yarns.

  • Material: 100% R-PET
  • Code No: BC-FDY-40300D1296F
  • Denier: 40D / 300D
  • Filaments: 12F / 96F
  • Color: Customized
  • Sample MOQ: 1kg
  • Mass MOQ: 1000kg
  • Introduction

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    Baichuan REVO™ Recycled Polyester FDY Filament Yarn made from 100% recycled waste PET bottles.

    The Recycled FDY (full stretch yarn) polyester yarn, which has obtained a number of international certification, such as RoHS, REACH, OEKO-TEX 100, GRS and ISO 9001.

    Our recycled polyester filament yarn is low carbon, environmental protection, sustainability, high quality and high performance, can be applied to circular knitting, warp knitting, seamless knitting, weaving, home Textiles, work wear, outdoor, backpack and many other purposes in our life.

    Our REVO recycled yarns has been used in many well-known brand products in the world, which has been highly appreciated by our customers, and has established long-term strategic cooperative relations.

    FDY Filament Yarn Parameter

    FDY Semi-Dull Denier Filaments Color Grade
    40D 12F/24F White AA
    Black AA
    45D 24F White AA
    50D 24F/36F/48F Black AA
    White AA
    66D 24F White AA
    68D 24F Black AA
    White AA
    75D 36F/72F Black AA
    White AA
    100D 36F/48F Black AA
    White AA
    150D 48F/96F/144F Black AA
    White AA
    200D 48F/72F/96F Black AA
    White AA
    300D 96F Black AA
    White AA
    Bright 75D 36F-Circular White AA
    100D 36F/48F-Circular White AA
    150D 48F-Circular White AA
    200D 36F/96F-Circular White AA
    300D 96F-Circular White AA


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    * Application

    Our recycled FDY polyester filament yarns can be applied to circular knitting, warp knitting, seamless knitting, weaving, home Textiles, work wear, outdoor, backpack, tent fabric and sports shoes.

    * Apply pictures

    Polyester Fabric
    t (2)
    t (3)

    * FAQ

    1. What yarn specifications can you make?

    The specifications we can make are 50D-600D, including DTY, FDY and ATY,

    and the network density includes NIM, SIM and HIM. 

    2. What’s your payment term?

    We accept T/T , irrevocable L/C at sight, L/C 30days and L/C 60days. 

    3. Can we get samples before placing order?

    Yes sure. For our regular products, free samples will be provided with freight cost at your side only. 

    4. What certifications do you have?

    We are a GRS, Oeko-tex100, Upcycle and ISO 9001&14001 certified factory. 

    5. What’s your advantages?

    1) Dedicated to vertical integration of the whole supply chain system that ranges from waste bottle cleaning, chip to fabric manufacturing for 20 years.

    2) Strong R & D ability with 56 patents & self-owned research center.

    3) Reliable order delivery date with 3 factories and over 500 employees.

    4) Over 1000 stock color yarns with MOQ up to 2.5kg only. 

    6. What is your annual production capacity?

    1) 50,000 tons of the recycled polyester yarn

    2) 40 million meters of the recycled polyester oxford fabric

    3) 200 million meters of the recycled zipper

    4) Annual output of the recycled color polyester filament ranked fourth in 2018 in China. 

    7. What are your delivery time of sample order and bulk goods?

    The samples is about 1-3 days, and the bulk goods is about 7-15 days.

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