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BAICHUAN Is The Practitioner Of The Topic Of Sustainability In The 13th ACFIF Conference

The 13th Asian Chemical Fiber Conference (Part II) was held online from April 14th to 15th, 2022. The theme of the conference was “The Contribution of Chemical Fiber Industry to the Realization of a Sustainable Society”. Nine members of the Asian Chemical Fiber Industries Federation (China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan(China), Thailand and Japan, ) , all attended the meeting.


During the two-day conference, “sustainable development” became the most frequent word. With the consensus of sustainable development, all countries and regions from ACFIF have made their active sourcing and efforts from many aspects.For example, turning waste into treasure by recycling PET bottles and waste textiles; reducing dependence on the resources of petroleum by applying bio-based fibers; reducing the emissions of CO2 by promoting energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment;  through cooperation with washing machines, detergents, textiles and clothing which will be related these industrial chains, to ensure that the degradable fibers in every final products can be completely decomposed in the ocean and soil. 

About the recycled PET bottles and sustainable materials for clothing , we would like to introduce our company ,FUJIAN BAICHUAN RESOURCES RECYCLING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. who is the practitioner of the topic of sustainability in the 13th ACFIF Conference. Baichuan have long been dedicated to the research and development of waste resources recovery and recycling technology for nearly 20 years. Our products include recycled yarn ,sustainable fabric,recycled webbing and sustainable zipper, all have the characteristics of low carbon, environmental protection and sustainability. They reduce the consumption of petroleum in the production of PET products as well as the environmental pollution of waste PET products.Recycled fabrics, Baichuan Technology is your first choice.

Sustainability in business isn’t just good for the environment or society at large, it’s also good for the business itself , so take your action.

Post time: Apr-22-2022

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