• Baichuan Win ISPO Textrends Top 10


Baichuan technology COSMOS™ series products won the excellent project award of the second BRICS industrial innovation cooperation competition

The award winning series of textile fabrics (recycled dope dyeing) is based on the green product integration of the Ministry of industry, the “Internet plus green recycling color yarn supermarket” project, which has achieved the downstream application innovation results. The total investment of the colored yarn supermarket project is 168 million yuan, and a typical model of green factory, green supply chain, green standard and green manufacturing is built. More than 1000 colors of recycled color yarn have been developed. Through the personalized development of different specifications and colors, COSMOS™ series products have successfully developed a green textile fabric database of more than 5000 colors and specifications. All chemical indexes of the product can meet the international reach, Oeko, Rosh and other product standards, and are far superior to the standard requirements in terms of dry wipe, wet wipe, water wash, soaping, sun fastness and so on. It has a superior performance in energy conservation and carbon reduction, which can reduce carbon emissions by about 63%, water consumption by about 89% and energy consumption by about 60% (data source: LCA report issued by green management committee in the whole life cycle). Objective: to complete the database of recycled dope dyeing colored textile fabrics with 50000 color specifications to meet the needs of customers for fast response and small batch.


Post time: Sep-29-2021