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Because plastic can be recycled, it can not be more brazen to produce plastic products in large quantities

According to statistics, the world produces 13 billion tons of plastic products every year, of which about 80% are discarded in the natural environment after use. In the process of production and use, plastics can not be degraded, resulting in serious environmental pollution. At present, a large amount of plastic waste is discarded in the natural environment every year around the world.

Plastic pollution

However, what is more frightening is that when people know that plastic can be recycled, they use plastic products in a large amount, which also leads to the emergence of new “plastic pollution”.

rPET Recycling

In the future, how should we solve the problem of plastic waste?

First, the classification of plastic waste.

Secondly, reduce the use of disposable tableware.

Finally, we should change people’s concept of using plastic products. For example, try not to use non-degradable plastic bags, straws and lunch boxes.

At the same time, we should also increase the awareness of green consumption. Green consumption does not mean abandoning the use of disposable plastic products, but encourages consumers to adopt production and consumption methods that are conducive to protecting the environment and saving resources. By purchasing recyclable products or recycled products, reduce the emissions of waste plastic packaging, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

Post time: Feb-10-2023

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