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Lvyu Fund Award Series (1) | outstanding achievement award — polyester fiber recycled by original solution coloring (Fujian Baichuan Resources Recycling Technology Co., Ltd.)


Since its establishment, “China Chemical Fiber Industry Association · Lvyu fund” has led the green development of chemical fiber industry and promoted energy conservation and emission reduction of the industry into the global advanced level. In the face of the new requirements of carbon peak and carbon neutral, in March 2021, the “green space fund” was upgraded and set sail to carry out industry work with the new mission of “green space Fund – driving force of green development of chemical fiber”.

In 2020-2021, “China Chemical Fiber Industry Association · Lvyu fund” chemical fiber green development contribution award, 3 outstanding individuals and 6 outstanding individuals were selected; Three outstanding achievements and 16 outstanding achievements were selected.

Recycling of polyester fiber by colouring stock solution

Achievement highlights

Using 100% waste PET bottle chips as raw materials, polyester fiber with thousand color inventory is produced by using the stock solution coloring technology, which solves the contradiction between the R & D end and the market demand end of color yarn products, realizes the real-time docking between the market and the production end in product production, storage and distribution management, and has the characteristics of recycling, green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, high color fastness, small batch customization, etc, To meet the personalized needs of customers, we can customize products with different styles, such as imitation hemp, imitation wool, Imitation cotton, multi-color and so on.

Economic and social benefits of achievements

Economic benefits: in 2020, the achievement will achieve sales revenue of 180 million yuan, profit of 14.15 million yuan, and market share of 28.6% in 2019.

Social benefits: it is estimated that about 35000 waste PET bottles can be recycled for each ton of dyed textiles produced with recycled stock solution, reducing about 5.3t (63%) of CO2 equivalent emission and saving 145m ³( It can save 90gj (60%) of energy consumption, which is of far-reaching significance for achieving carbon neutral.

Innovation of achievements

The company has won 3 invention patents, 1 utility model patent, 2 national standards and 6 industry standards. It has won the national green factory, the Ministry of industry and information technology industrial product green design demonstration enterprise, the China Textile Industry Federation product development contribution award, the product has obtained the green fiber certification, and has been listed in the Chinese fiber fashion trend for many times.

Post time: Aug-26-2021