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Recycle Polyester Fabric

Polyester is a synthetic man-made fibre that was first constructed in a lab in the 1930’s by chemical corporation DuPont. Since the 1960’s, polyester has become the world’s most popular fabric, partly for its functional properties. Due to the molecular structure of PET, it means that polyester clothing is often resistant to stretching and shrinking, is easy to clean, quick to dry and less prone to creasing.

Rpet Flakes
Despite this, polyester has an overwhelmingly harmful impact on the environment and ecosystems involved in production. It is made from petroleum derived chemicals and is associated with the risks of fossil fuel extraction, chemical spillage and biodiversity loss.
Recycled polyester uses PET (post-consumer bottle flake) as a raw material. To turn these bottles into the material, the plastic is separation and crushed. It is then spun into a string of yarn which can be transformed into a fibre and then blended into a fabric.

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Fabric made from recycled polyester reduces the environment impact of clothing production and our dependence on oil drastically.

And turning other plastic waste into new recycled fabrics for fashion is a technological revolution. It can save wildlife and our environment.

Post time: Jun-13-2022

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