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Recycle Polyester: Way To Safe Environment And Energy

Over the last few years,the manufacturing ratio of natural to synthetic fibers has come to 35% to 65%. Among them polyester is the most useful and demanding synthetic fibre. This growth can be attributed to a number of causes- relatively low prices, easy manageability, technologically competent products and processes, rising demand of technical textiles.

While this advantage is valid no more due to the increasing costs of energy, transportation and raw materials, which are used in the production process of polyester. Moreover, manufacturing process of polyester causes serious environment related problem. Another important challenge before the polyester sector is that of awareness about the environmental degradation and growing demand for eco-friendly products.


At this kind of situation, Recycle Polyester Yarn has come in the scene to minimize these problems and full-fill the customer demands.

Unlike virgin polyester, recycled polyester uses post- consumer PET as the raw material, which can recycle it to create the recycle yarn and to prevent PET bottles from going to landfills and oceans. The steps involved in the production process are as follows.

1. Plastic bottle collection
2. Plastic bottle baling
3. Colour sorting
4. Flake chopping and washing
5. Fiber extrusion
6. Yarn spinning and garment manufacturing

Process Of Rpet To Fabric

According to LCA report, Compared with the original white polyester products, recycled polyester yarn have good emission reduction, water saving and energy saving advantages. Each 1tons of recycled white polyester products can be reduced by about 1.90 tons carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (40% reduction), saving about 13.00 m3 water consumption (45% reduction) , saving about 43.00 GJ of energy consumption (46% reduction).

The use of recycled PET bottles is recycled polyester The main reason why the product LCA index is lower than that of the native polyester products.

Post time: Apr-29-2022