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Recycled Fabrics Will Become “New Star” Of Global Textile Industry

As international brands attach importance to sustainable development, they have formulated corresponding response goals and implementable plans. The international and domestic demand for green recycled fiber products has been amplified, and recycled fabrics are one of them. Recycled fabrics have gradually become a new star in the development of the global textile industry.

What is recycled fabric? Recycled fabrics are fabrics made from recycled yarn. Recycled fibers use recycled polymer materials and recycled bottles.They are reused after physical opening, spun after melting & dissolving.The recovered polymer materials are further split into small molecules, re-polymerized and then spun into fibers. According to different sources and components, it can be divided into three categories: recycled polyester fibers, recycled cotton fibers and recycled wool fibers.There are corresponding recycled fabrics.Such as recycled polyester fabrics, recycled cotton fabrics, and recycled wool fabrics etc.

Process From PET Bottle To Rpet Polyester Fabric

Recycled fabrics will become the favorite of many companies. In fact, some clues can be found in the official announcements of some brands before.

Zara Since the 2016 autumn and winter series, a recycling line has been specially made, called Join Life.

H&M has announced that it will use 100% recycled material clothing or sustainable fabric by 2030.

Adidas officially stated that it will fully use recycled polyester fibers in 2024.

The EU government has even ordered a ban on textile waste and requires member states to carry out special textile recycling from 2025 to improve the recycling rate of textile fabrics.

Since 2019, the European and American markets have gradually begun to increase orders for recycled fabrics produced in China. The Chinese textile industry also needs to speed up technological innovation to respond to this global market demand for recycled fabrics. Baichuan Technology seized this development trend in a timely manner and vigorously developed the recycled yarn and recycled fabric industry. In September 2020, COSMOS™ production from Baichuan Technology won the Excellent Project Award in the 2nd BRICS Industrial Innovation Cooperation Competition, becoming a well-known enterprise in China. Recycled fabrics, Baichuan Technology is your first choice.

Recycled fabrics, Baichuan Technology is your first choice.


Post time: Apr-21-2022

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