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Recycled Polyester Dope Dyed Yarn

Dope dyed yarns (or solution dyed yarn) are created by adding masterbatch colourant to the polymer melt in spinning, it substitutes the most polluting process of dyeing in industries.It is an environmentally friendly and efficient innovation in the dyeing process.
Unlike conventional dyeing in which yarns are usually knitted or woven into fabrics and then dyed as a whole, dope dyed yarns are the opposite. As the name suggests, the yarn itself is dyed into a pre-selected color and then used to make the desired fabric.

dope dyed yarn


Why we choose dope dyed yarn ?
1.Environmental protection
Dope dyed yarn can significantly reduce pollution in the production process.
2.Efficient process
Directly dyed yarn can save the time normally reserved for laboratory impregnation during the order process.
3.Excellent color fastness
Since the colorant is added before knitting, the fiber is completely impregnated with pigment.
In addition, it will reduce the emissions of chemical waste that causes environmental damage.

dope dyeing


So dope-dyed yarn can be very helpful to the manufacturers who are using the traditional piece dyeing process and facing the issues of emitting pollution, controlling their production cost.

Post time: May-20-2022