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Recycled Yarn And Dope Dyeing Process For Environmental Protection

In recent years,the global community has advocated ecological economic revolution to create sustainable economic development as the theme,for resource recycling and production of new environmental protection achievements,the global recycled polyester filament market has been growing at a faster rate,the market is expected to grow significantly between 2022 to 2027.

Resource Recycling

Recycled yarn refers to the use of recycling chemical recovery technology,completely waste bottles,such as polyester waste centralized recovery,after crushing,made into particles, and then chemical treatment decomposition,become polyester raw materials,and then through spinning regeneration, become new polyester raw materials;The recycled polyester yarn are widely applied in home textiles,apparel and outdoor products such as bags,canopy tent,beach chair,outdoor covers (boat cover, seat cover, car cover),etc.It can replace traditional polyester in various fields,and compared with traditional polyester, it can save 6 tons of crude oil per ton of yarn, save energy about 80%,and greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Process of eco products
In addition,dope dyeing process of raw dye polyester into textiles can eliminate dyeing process,reduce a large amount of waste water and carbon dioxide emissions,energy saving and consumption reduction, environmental friendly features,can effectively solve the traditional printing and dyeing industry from the source of high energy consumption, high water consumption and high COD emissions and other outstanding problems.According to statistics,compared with conventional polyester yarn,using dope dyeing can save water consumption of 89%,energy consumption of 63%,chemical dosage of 63%,reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 62%,COD emissions of 67%.
I believe the global government cares more about recycling work, adopting strict waste selection criteria and burdening more waste selecting work,the cost will go down.Secondly,with the product volume goes up,the scale effect and technique improvement will both reduce cost.It will be of great help to recycle yarn manufacturer and consumers.




Post time: Apr-20-2022