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Sustainable Development Of Recycled Materials

The production of recycled polyester fiber is very environmentally friendly. Recycled polyester staple fiber refers to the use of polyester fabric, waste polyester bottle flakes, spinning waste silk, bubble material, pulp block as raw materials. The mixture is dried, melt extruded, spun, coiled, bundled, drawn, crimped, relaxed and heat-set, and cut to form polyester staple fibers of different lengths.

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Adidas announced that it plans to fully replace new plastics with recycled plastics by 2024, in order to improve the environmental protection level and sustainability of its supply chain. 41% of Adidas’ Spring/Summer 2022 apparel collection will be made from recycled plastic.In addition, Adidas also said it will stop using new plastics in the construction of its offices, retail stores, warehouses and distribution centers. This will help brands save around 40 tonnes of plastic annually starting in 2022.



Published the sustainable design guide “Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design”, which proposed ten guidelines for product recycling design, involving raw materials, renewability, waste reduction, degradability, green chemistry, renovation, flexibility, durability Contents on sustainability, recycled packaging and business model innovation are aimed at promoting the normalization and standardization of sustainable supply chains in the industry.



In 2022, 58% of all H&M products use sustainable materials, and this proportion is gradually increasing, and plans to use 100% recycled or other sustainable sources of materials in 2030, making a sustainable fashion future a reality.



IKEA has updated its sustainability strategy report, People & Planet Positive, launched in 2012, announcing the company’s latest commitment to sustainability through 2030, including the following key elements: By 2022, restaurants in IKEA stores worldwide will stop using single-use plastics

All IKEA products are made with new eco-friendly methods, using only renewable and recycled materials in the process Reduce the average carbon footprint of each product by 70% by partnering with home furnishing suppliers

Zero emissions from home delivery by 2025

By 2030, the climate impact of stores and other businesses will be reduced by 80% in absolute terms compared to 2022.


JNBY Group

REVERB hopes to use high-end technology to recycle recyclable fabrics and promote sustainable development. For the Spring/Summer 2019 clothing series, most of the fabrics used by the brand are certified organic or recyclable natural materials, and the participation of harmful chemical ingredients is also avoided in the production process, which minimizes waste and reduces water and water resources. consumption of other energy sources.

Ordos Group

Ordos Group insists on sustainable development, and will participate in various environmental protection activities launched by Global Fashion Agenda. Based on sustainable development, it will build an operation system for the entire cashmere industry chain and jointly promote the sustainable development of the global fashion industry.

In the spring and summer of 2021, Erdos launched a limited-edition series of environmentally friendly storage handbags, cosmetic bags and storage bags made of degradable “DuPont paper”.

In future,the sustainable fashion of recycled materials will become a reality.

Post time: May-09-2022