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Textile Made From Recycled Materials

Companies such as Patagonia, Everlane, Lindex, Pure Waste, and Heavy Eco sell sustainable clothes. These companies incorporate materials derived from textile post-consumer waste as well as recycled plastics into the clothes they sell.
Within Scandinavia specifically there are prolific applications of recycled textiles that have created mainstream market products. In Sweden, companies such as Lindex and H&M are including pre and post-consumer waste fibers within their new clothing lines.Similarly in Finland, Pure Waste is a clothing enterprise that creates t-shirts from recycled fibers in their 95% wind powered factories.
Glen Raven, Inc., a fabric manufacturer, engineered a program that collects unused pieces during production and recycles them into a new fabric. They also established a program for customers to recycle their old fabrics with the company.

Recycling of Rpet
What kind of plastic can be recycled for textile.
The most widely recycled plastic in the world is PET. Nonetheless, despite being a relatively easy plastic to recycle, some countries are still struggling to reach decent recycling rates. India, Europe and South Korea all have rates higher than 50% but countries like the US and China are yet to scale up those numbers.

The latest global statistics tell us that, in 2011, approximately 7.5 million tons of PET were collected worldwide. But what were they transformed into? Well, as crazy as it might seem, a substantial part of PET plastic (mostly found in plastic bottles) is usually recycled into fashion items! Among the items that can be obtained we find polar fleece clothes, backpacks, and carpets. That’s right, the plastic bottle you recycle today can become a cool t-shirt you will wear in a few months!
Baichuan is specializing in producing recycled polyester filament yarn by post-consumer PET bottles, recycled nylon zipper and recycled fabric. Then these products are used to manufacture clothes、bags、luggage and so on.

Post time: May-12-2022