• Our Environmental and Social Commitments


Our Environmental and Social Commitments

At Baichuan, our eco-conscious mission takes priority. With nearly two decades of innovation and experience, we transform 100% post-consumer PET water bottles into environmentally sustainable polyester yarns and fabrics, avoiding significant amounts of water usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Here, we share the process of how our REVO™ and COSMOS™ product series are made, as well as our third-party life cycle analysis (LCA).

Our Manufacturing Process


Third Party Life Cycle Assessment

Conducted in accordance to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our REVO and COSMOS product series can help lower your raw material greenhouse gas footprint. Using recycled PET avoids the energy use and emissions associated with processing virgin polyester from fossil fuels. Furthermore, our dope dyed COSMOS series offers an even greater decrease in emissions by avoiding the high temperature, energy-intensive batch dyeing process.

Water Usage

Did you know a panel of experts voted freshwater access as the most concerning environmental issue facing our generation? 

Although recycling PET requires water for bottle cleaning, our REVO rPET still uses less water than processing virgin polyester from fossil fuels. 

Dyeing is traditionally one of the most water-intensive and environmentally harmful steps of textile manufacturing. Thanks to our dope dyeing technology, our COSMOS series uses 87% less water to produce compared to yarns and fabrics colored using standard batch dyeing processes!


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